Minyak Sereh Wangi Asli Aceh Anti-Bakteri

Dear Valued Customers,

We call our Citronella Oil “Seruni”, is the abbreviation of SEReh wangi UNtuk Indonesia. Indonesia is a large exporter country of this volatile oil. However, the exports have not given a significant influence towards the enhancement of craftsmen household economy.

Please allow us, the farmers and craftsmen of Citronella Oil refining, start the business that comes from the farmers and for the farmers. Please, come to visit our self-composed website for marketing and promotion of our own Citronella Oil production.

Since we are willing to deal with the factories, we prepare the packs in kilos. Any inquiries for further communication can be emailed to us.

Minyak Sereh Wangi Asli Aceh Sebagai Agen Anti-Bakteri. Who are we? We are only the local farmers who plant, do the refinery, organize the sellings ourselves. We have interesting packages for the customers who have the contract rates with us. When you deal the purchase, you are dealing with the first hand seller.

We have a social media account to communicate with the customers. Please visit Seruni Wangi and our website.